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A Healthy Forest

December 14, 2022

The other day my son asked, “Mommy, how do the trees know when to turn colors?” I probably answered something about natural timing or the weather or even trees talking to one another. I really have no idea how trees know when to change colors, so thank goodness my son is too young to fact check my answers.

Trees are such reliable symbols of change. Somehow they know that a late spring snowfall is only temporary. Somehow they know when to send new leaves and fruit to greet summer sunshine. Somehow they know when it’s time to turn brilliant colors before slowing down for the winter.

Trees are wise too. They don’t move through seasons alone. A single bright orange tree is certainly lovely. But a hillside of trees in oranges, reds, yellows, browns (and even the stubborn green ones) are stunning. Trees are stronger and more beautiful when they are part of a forest.

Like a healthy forest, we are all stronger when we have others near us. Great changes should not be experienced alone. We all need help. Are you in a place that you want, or do you need a change to be safer, healthier and happier? Maybe you’re ready to make improvements to your home and support systems so you can age in place. ElderMove Alliance can help! Maybe you’re ready to make a move to a new home with little to no upkeep. ElderMove Alliance can help! Maybe you’re ready to refresh your legal, medical and financial situation. ElderMove Alliance can help!

Suddenly or slowly, exciting or trepidatious, nothing is constant but change. I think someone said that last bit once or twice.

I wish I could experience great changes as steadily as the trees around me. In the past year, change has come to my life both suddenly as a snowstorm and slowly as the seasons. I’m so very thankful that I reached out to my family and friends, though. It made all the difference. 

Wishing you a peaceful fall,

Maggie and Mindy