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Downsizing Does Not Mean Losing Memories

January 15, 2020

Downsizing does not mean having to part with cherished items that hold precious memories.

The prospect of downsizing can be overwhelming for any number of reasons. For many seniors, emotional ties to a lifetime of collected items, photos, gifts, and even furniture can make it difficult to know where to begin.

“Many of my clients are afraid of moving because they are overwhelmed with how many possessions they have,” said downsizing professional Laurie Lamoureux, the owner of Seamless Moves. “I like to sit down together to determine what is important and how much ‘stuff’ they really need.”

Laurie Lamoureux of Seamless Moves is an ElderMove Alliance expert member

ElderMove Alliance Members like Laurie help seniors decide what works best for them, make a plan, and connect them with the right services and professionals to make the process as seamless and simple as possible.

Laurie explained that she likes to meet with her clients, and their adult children, to determine which items need to be moved, and how many can be given away to friends, neighbors and loved ones who may cherish them just as much. She encourages them to keep the very best of their collections and find good homes for the rest.

Laurie is one of the dozen professionals with the Elder Move Alliance who help seniors discover the simple life they want and deserve. 

“People who knit are afraid to give away extra yarn. Sewers do not know what to do with yards of extra fabric. But it’s easier if you donate the items to schools or senior centers that always have the need for craft items.”

-Laurie Lamoureux, Seamless Moves

Laurie utilizes her connection with groups that sew and knit items for patients at Children’s Hospital in Seattle. She tells her clients to imagine what they would grab as they were running out the door if their home was on fire. “For one woman that was a painting done by a neighbor for her 50 years ago,” Laurie said with
a smile. “It would not have value to anybody else. But to her, that painting was irreplaceable.”

Whether you are ready to downsize now or simply want to take some first steps toward minimizing your belongings, ElderMove Alliance members are here to listen and help you decide on the best plan for you. Give us a call today to schedule a FREE, no obligation, in-person consultation. Or, join us at one of our FREE upcoming seminars to learn more.