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Downsizing the Right Way

January 11, 2021

I recently read a great idea online.With Easter approaching, and Lent already started (2/26-4/11), and with our world slowly closing in around us because of virus concerns, it might just be a good time to take stock of our surroundings. You might want to downsize one day, or you might want to stay put forever, but chances are if you’re in America you have collected too much stuff! The idea was that for Lent, instead of giving up chocolate or some other luxury, take one thing out of your home each day. Drop it at Goodwill, or Hopelink if it fits their needs, or at a homeless shelter. There is a men’s shelter in downtown Bellevue, where I’ve been taking my husband’s sweaters and coats this winter.

This could be a good idea for any month where it fits your needs. We all have way too many possessions, and after a while, they start to weigh us down.

Recently we helped a very nice gentleman move from his large home to an independent living facility. His wife had passed away a year or so before, and there was just too much there to deal with by himself. He went from about 2560 square foot 5 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom apartment. He left all the work of maintaining the house and lot behind, but he kept all of his friends, relations, and memories. Now he has more time to keep up with everyone, sending out his yearly Christmas letter, making and delivering gifts, and helping friends with their projects. And he’s having a wonderful time!

To do this, he had to pare down from his big house, originally furnished for himself and his wife, to an apartment where he lives comfortably by himself. ElderMove Alliance members helped with each step. Seamless Moves packed up the things he wanted to take, and moved them to the independent living facility, where he happily now resides. CJ Estate Sales sold the items he didn’t want to take, and then cleaned out the house of everything that didn’t sell. I had the vacant house cleaned thoroughly, then staged, and sold it quickly for $25,000 over the asking price. I arranged for some drainage, mold, and drywall work to be done that came up on the buyer’s inspection. And during all this our client got to make new friends in his new home, and spend time with his old friends and family. And he was so happy with the outcome that he wrote about all this in his annual letter to his friends and family! It was a great compliment for our alliance!

We are all concerned with staying healthy during this pandemic, but the good news is that buyers are still buying. Interest rates are fabulously low right now, and sellers are still selling. If you’re thinking that it’s time to discuss a move, give me a call! Let’s get you to reach your own goals!

Mindy Garner