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Making Changes with Eldermove Alliance

August 23, 2023

I’m happy to report that people are making changes to their lives for the better with help from ElderMove Alliance! We’ve had a few interesting stories that I’d like to share with you.

First, Maggie’s father-in-law has moved from Las Vegas to Washington to live near Maggie and her family. The family really didn’t know what to do about his needs, so Maggie called Stan and Bill with A Change is Afoot. Bill interviewed the family to find out her father-in-law’s needs, set up appointments at senior housing locations that fit the family’s criteria and joined Maggie and her husband for the appointments. It took some time for her father-in-law to agree to the move, but now he’s happily living about a mile from Maggie, his son and grandkids. Her father-in-law has access to great food, interesting activities, and most importantly – family. The takeaway here is that EMA can help your family help you.

We also helped “Pam,” who lived for decades in a Redmond third-floor walkup condo. The home was a great fit for a long time, but the two flights of stairs had become difficult. Pam needed to sell her condo and use the proceeds to contribute to her retirement fund. She wanted to remodel the home to sell for a higher price. We determined that the home would sell for around $400,000 in as-is condition but could go as high as $560,000 if remodeled. The bid to remodel was $114,000 and would be financed by the contractor with payment delayed until closing. The math made sense and Pam decided to move forward with the remodel. The end result showed beautifully. Then more good news—the market helped us out and prices went up. We sold the condo for $600,000! Pam was thrilled with her outcome. The takeaway is you can remodel your home and keep the profits for yourself with no money out of pocket. You are doing your own flip!

Another couple we knew wanted to sell their home, and they were receiving multiple, unsolicited offers from builders. The builders wanted to pay $850,000 cash! The home needed a substantial amount of work, but the sellers decided remodeling wasn’t the best option for them. We brought that home on the market this spring as a fixer for $938,000, received multiple offers, and sold it for $1,085,000! There were two important points about this sale. First, it never pays to sell privately to a developer. Second, it’s entirely possible to sell a home without doing any work!

If you need help with any aspect of a change you are considering, we are happy to just talk you through it. Feel free to give Maggie or me a call! We are definitely here to help!