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Meaningful Ways To Support Your Loved Ones (And Yourself!)

January 11, 2023

Ben Solomon, Right At Home In Home Care and Assistance.


Are you taking care of others? Are you looking for ways to make your own life easier? Here are some ideas on caring for yourself and others. To help in your search, we’ve done some shopping to give you a few ideas.

Keepsake Gifts That Will Bring Smiles. Order a custom blanket or pillow with a picture of a beloved pet or a funny or inspirational quote. How about a personalized calendar with different photos of family members designated for each month? Include family birthdays and other special reminders for convenience.

Technology Isn’t Just for Kids. Tablets are great to browse the internet, play games and video chat. Plus, they are available in many different sizes to accommodate vision. Smartphones and tablets have voice recognition and can provide comfort for all with the addition of medical alerts and fall detection. These devices also allow voice typing, and you can load photos for easy viewing and easier storage!

The Gift of a Little Pampering Is Always Welcomed. How about a gift card or two? Who doesn’t enjoy a manicure and pedicure? And don’t think a mani-pedi
is only for women. Men like them too! Add some relaxation to each day with a new back or neck massager. An armchair caddy for television remotes, cellphones, and a snack or two will offer convenience as well. Throw in some cozy slippers and a warm blanket for added comfort. Consider creating a music playlist. Research has shown that music can evoke emotions and trigger memories in those who have Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia.

The Gift of Time. You also could put on your creative hat and make coupons for things you can do for your loved one. You can also ask for help from others for gutter cleaning, holiday decoration install/dismantle, or other handyman tasks. How about a coupon for optimizing the setup of their smartphone or helping find apps to enjoy?

Caring for others and taking care of yourself will bring joy during the gray winter months.