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Conducting Perfect Harmony for Two Generations 

July 15, 2018

The brother and sister who attended an ElderMove Alliance seminar did not know much they would rely on the many services provided by the compassionate professionals who work together to help seniors until their father fell and broke his hip.

Caring for Our Parents

Bill Fenner with A Change is Afoot Senior Housing was the first member of the Alliance to lend his expertise to the situation. Bill found an assisted living facility that their father liked so much, he decided to stay after his hip had healed and he could have gone back to living alone. 

Downsizing expert Laurie Lamoureux stepped up to help the father go through decades of items that had been stored in closets and boxed in the garage to make the move quick and painless. 

Realtor Mindy Garner hit a grand slam when she followed up to sell the man’s house for top dollar and in record time.

“Everything worked, just as we had promised. The brother and sister were happy they had discovered professionals who truly cared about their father. Their father enjoyed the smooth transition to his new, simpler lifestyle.” 

-Bill Fenner, A Change is Afoot Senior Housing

ElderMove Alliance was created to provide seniors the services they need to eliminate the burden of maintaining a family home and moving to the lifestyle they deserve. The red-hot Real Estate market makes this an ideal time to use the equity from the family home to open new doors to opportunities
and adventures. 

Fenner summed up the efforts of the ElderMove Alliance with one comment, “We all love what we do. And we take pride in providing all the tools anybody needs to move out and move up to a better life.”

Learn more about ElderMove Alliance services and members, or join us for a FREE educational seminar–seniors and adult children are all welcome.