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Planning Ahead

February 27, 2021

Where are you in your life?  Are you planning on staying put for a few more years, or are you thinking of making a move sooner?  Our world is about to open back up, which will allow easier changes to take place in our lives.  Have you had your first vaccine, or even your 2nd?  As we all become more immune to COVID-19 we will be able to get back to classes at senior centers, having friends over for dinner (I can’t wait!), or even making the moves many of you have been thinking about.

For those of you planning on staying where you are, do you want to start to make any changes to your homes?  There are some easy and inexpensive ways to update spaces, and if you do them now you’ll be able to enjoy them for the time you are there.  The first and most economical way to upgrade a space is with paint.  You can freshen up a room (or several) with a lighter color, and your space will look cleaner and brighter.  You’d be surprised how much of a difference this can make.  The 2nd most cost effective way to improve your space is with new floor coverings.  Laminate floors have improved dramatically, and will give you a newer looking space at a reasonable cost.  They will also be easy to care for, and easier to move around on than carpeting.  New light fixtures can dramatically update an area at very low cost, and make a room much brighter as well.  If you want to go further, a new kitchen or new counter top will make a huge difference, and make cooking less effort too.  If you want to discuss any changes to your home, I’m happy to meet to go over what will pay off best for you when it’s time for a move.

If you are considering downsizing soon, know that we are in an extremely strong sellers’ market.  Single family homes are typically getting multiple offers, and often selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars over asking prices.  Buyers are competing fiercely to win homes, and that puts you as sellers in the drivers’ seat.  The condo market has been less dramatically a sellers’ market, but it seems to be picking up too.  Expectations are that our market for sellers will remain strong, but it won’t be as seller-sided as it is now.  As more people are vaccinated and able to make changes, more people may list homes.  That will help bring a little relief to this too-strong sellers’ market toward the 2nd half of the year.

As always, the ElderMove Alliance team is here to help.  I’m really excited about one new class we are offering, where you can talk to several seniors who have recently downsized.  All did it differently, all ended up in different places, and all are happy they made the move!  In addition, we have classes to discuss senior housing, moving, downsizing, staying in place, and finances.  All are virus-free, free-of-charge, and at no obligation.  Join us!  And if you have any questions on your situations, please give me a call!  I’m happy to help.