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ElderMove Alliance Seminars presents: 
Moving to a Simpler Life!

If your home feels overwhelming, or you are ready to put time into yourself, your family, and your friends instead of your home and yard, these FREE SEMINARS are FOR YOU! You’ll learn from our senior-focused experts what is involved in Moving to a Simpler Life!


ElderMove Alliance would like to thank you for your support with a Free Pumpkin Pie!

Please visit our office to pick up your fresh pumpkin pie Wednesday, November 25th, noon to 3:00 pm.

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You Must call by Monday November 23rd 
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Zoom Meetings to Stay Connected (live seminars have been cancelled until 2021)

Join the ElderMove team for a slate of seminars that will help you think through your housing and organization for 2021, which we are all hoping will be a much better year than 2020!  The Zoom link works easily, and if you want to check it out, Mindy is happy to work with you at your convenience.  Just give me a call at 206-914-2970.  Then choose the classes that fit your needs, and join us!  As always, these are free and with no obligation.  We are just giving out information.   

The easy Zoom link is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4254665345. 

November 3, 11:00 am 
What is the best time of the year to sell a home?
Mindy and Desiree will discuss timing and the current market.  Is your home gaining in value?  What are your real estate options if you move?

November 5, 11:00 am
Am I organized enough in my paperwork right now?
If I had to hand it off to someone, is it ready? Albert and Jerry will discuss what you need to have, where it should be kept, and how the people who need to access it can do so.

November 6, 1:30 pm
Where should I go if I sell?
Do you want a smaller home or condo?  Do you look forward to the services at a Senior Housing building?  What do you hope for? Mindy, Desiree and Stan will go over your choices, and the pros and cons of each!

November 9, 11:00 am
The easy way to downsize!
Stan, Laurie, John, and Mindy will discuss the steps to the easy way to downsize, who can help you get through it without breaking a sweat, and how much each step might cost. Yes, it really is easier than you think!

November 11, 2:00 pm
What am I leaving to my loved ones?
Should I distribute some now, or wait until I’m gone?  The ins and outs of the inheritance and estate decisions. Jerry, Desiree, and Albert will discuss options and possibilities.  Some will include enjoyment for you!

November 13, 1:30 pm
Staying safe and healthy at home.
Special guest Sam O’Brien from OneDigital Health and Benefits will discuss Medicare during the Medicare Open Enrollment period, and will be joined by Ben, Laurie and John to cover making your home safe for the long term.

November 17, 1:30 pm
To sell first or to move first?  That is the question!
What are the benefits, pitfalls, and costs of planning to downsize one way or the other?  Can I buy before I sell?  Join Mindy, Stan, and John for a lively discussion!

November 20, 11:00 am
The most beneficial home improvements for aging in place?
Diane, Mindy, Ben and Desiree will discuss changes to your home that will help you stay there as long as you wish. 

Call 206-914-2970 with any questions!

Moving to a Simpler Life : Seminar Overview

Our co-founder, Mindy Garner, goes over what you would learn when you come to our Moving to a Simpler Life Seminar, a two day in-depth seminar.

Day 1

Day 2

Can’t make it to a seminar? Don’t worry! We offer free consultations to answer questions any time. Contact Us to schedule a complimentary consultation, or request more info.