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ElderMove Alliance members always offer complimentary consultations and customized plans, whether you need the services of one or many of our expert professionals.

ElderMove Alliance’s professionals provide a wide array of senior-focused services:

Real Estate

Our real estate professionals are not only well-versed in the greater Seattle area market, but have specialty expertise in senior housing and hold the Senior Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) designation.

Home Care

ElderMove Alliance members offer varying levels of home care (in-home care), from 24-hour support to recovery care or rehabilitation therapy after a surgery or procedure.

Personal Assistance

Personal assistance can be a great solution for seniors to complete daily tasks and errands, manage bills, arrange transportation, and more.

Medical Supplies

Finding the best medical supply solution can be overwhelming. ElderMove Alliance members specializing in medical supplies work with you to find the best, reliable, economic solution for you.

Financial Planning & Services

ElderMove Alliance understands financial planning is a key part of making major life transitions. Our financial planning and advisor members help seniors make the best plan for their unique situations.

Personal Financial Chores

Personal finance chores were never fun, but they can become overwhelming and stressful for seniors. ElderMove Alliance members can help ensure those pesky—but essential—financial tasks are done right and on-time.

Elder Law

ElderMove Alliance includes specialists in Elder Law so senior clients can be confident, educated, and protected from potential risks.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important aspect of financial and life planning. ElderMove Alliance includes Estate Planning services to help seniors ensure they have a coherent, complete plan for what they’ll one day leave behind.

Reverse Mortgage

While a reverse mortgage may not be the solution for everyone, ElderMove Alliance’s reverse mortgage specialists help seniors determine if it is the right choice for them and guide clients through the process.

Home Equity Loans

ElderMove Alliance also has members to help guide and support seniors who may benefit from a home equity loan.

Senior Housing Placement

ElderMove Alliance Senior Housing experts are here to help seniors, their spouses, and their children find the right fit housing solution, as well as guidance on when to consider each type of housing.

Senior Moving & Downsizing

Whether looking to downsize or move into more community-oriented living, seniors may look through their homes and grow overwhelmed at the thought of moving or sorting through a lifetime of belongings and mementos. ElderMove Alliance members create custom plans to manage every step from finding the right new home—through sorting, organizing, packing, cleaning and even donating—all the way to the move itself.

Estate Sales

ElderMove Alliance Estate Sale specialists help seniors or their families plan and manage their estate sale.

Care Management & Guardianship

ElderMove Alliance knows making decisions about care and guardianship are difficult. Our specialists guide seniors, their spouses, and their families to find best-fit solutions for care and guardianship.

Long Term Care Insurance

ElderMove Alliance also includes members who offer Long Term Care Insurance and can guide and educated seniors on options and which plan might be right for them.

Home Modification

We know many seniors love their homes. ElderMove Alliance includes members who understand the joy that can come from aging in place and help seniors plan, budget for, finance, and make home modifications for health and comfort.

Facilities and Buildings

ElderMove Alliance also works with senior housing, care facilities, and buildings to quickly find emergency placement and temporary housing solutions.

And more!

ElderMove Alliance neither receives nor gives any referral fees. Our consultations are at no charge—always.

“Words cannot truly express my thanks for all you did for me at a very difficult time in my life. My calls for help were answered immediately and taken care of. You have been so kind and loving to me, like dear friends.”
—Kenin Abramson