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Stay Home, Stay Safe!

January 11, 2021

As seniors, we have special vulnerability to COVID-19, but we also have special advantages that can help at this difficult time. Some services are specifically designed for seniors. If you are having difficulty making it through this time, these are services to consider.

 First, there is care available to you in your home. If you can’t get to the grocery store or the doctor, or if you can’t figure out how to reach family and friends on line, or if you have any need at home at this time, in-home care can help you fill that need. In-home care providers have Certified Nursing Assistant training, and the companies they work for are licensed by Washington State. They are aware of the virus, and take great efforts to keep you safe. They can help with anything from light housekeeping to cleaning out old food from your fridge, preparing meals, shopping, or just being someone to talk to. ElderMove Alliance member Ben Solomon runs Right At Home in the metro Seattle area, and would be happy to discuss bringing a caregiver to your home. The goal of in-home care is to keep you in your current home for as long as you wish to be there. 

 Next, seniors typically have a lot of equity, so why not consider making a portion of your home equity into dollars you can use now? Having access to a portion of your home equity will allow you to age in place. All you have to do is keep paying your property taxes and homeowners insurance (and HOA dues if you have them), and live in the home as your primary residence. Do you need in-home care? No problem, you now have access to cash, which can be used to address these costs while you stay in your home. Many seniors felt the impact of the recent stock market plunge. The equity in your home can give you the time for the recovery to recapture what was lost. Why delay in finding out what your specific Home Equity numbers look like? Finding out what a reverse mortgage would cost is free. Call or email Desiree Yuzawa to schedule a time to talk. You just may be surprised to find out how this loan will benefit you. This is not the Reverse Mortgage loan from the past.

 One other thing to consider, while we are all at home, is that your house as it stands might not be meeting your needs. If you had a main floor bathroom, would that help? Do you need a laundry room on the main floor? Or is your kitchen just too hard to work in? While we can’t start a remodel during the time of COVID-19, you could plan one, especially if it will help you stay home longer. Just think how much changing to drawers rather than lower cabinets would help. There are many solutions, large and small to bring comfort and ease to your home. When you sell, a new kitchen will bring you more money too! For help, call Diane Foreman to create the kitchen or bath or laundry room of your dreams.

 There is some good news right now. Our real estate market seems to be holding up through all this. In the last 7 days as I write this article on Monday, April 13, there were 125 new listings on the Eastside, and 141 listings found buyers. In Seattle, 155 new listings came on the market, and 176 listings found buyers. So your stocks may be suffering, but real estate seems to be holding its own right now.
If you need information on your home, give me a call!
We are all here to help.

Mindy Garner