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To Prep My House Or Not To Prep?

June 02, 2021

Happy Spring, and here’s to a fabulous Summer! I hope this newsletter finds you feeling that the end of COVID-19 and its restrictions are coming, with our becoming vaccinated and with the warming weather. My family is all through the vaccine process, and my friends and neighbors are all getting there as well. May the same be said for you!

With all the stresses and confinements of the last year, you may be feeling that you are ready to be around people again. If so, and if that means selling a home and downsizing, it might be time to take a good look at the house you are in. If you have kept it in good condition, making improvements as time went on, you’re probably ready for anything. If you have lived in your house without paying attention, though, it could be time for
a hard look at what you have, and what it needs. 

Recently I listed a home that was a great size, in a great Redmond neighborhood, but it had been neglected over the years. The owners were not in a position to move to the assisted living facility they needed and to do the work that the house needed at the same time. Fortunately, Coldwell Banker Bain has recently developed a relationship with a company that specializes in readying homes for the market, and that is paid from the closing proceeds of the sale. That means that the owners of the home don’t have any costs out of pocket for the work that is needed. We determined that the house really needed some rotting siding repaired, along with replacing the roof flashing that caused the issue. It also needed a complete paint job inside and out, as the paint was worn and dirty from all the living that had been going on. Two other projects that just made the value higher were to remove all the popcorn ceilings and put in a new kitchen, in the same footprint as the old one. The remodeling company gave us a bid for all that work of about $89,000. The value of the home improved by about $400,000, which made the work worthwhile. The sale just closed, and the sellers are extremely happy with the results!

It is also entirely possible to sell a home as-is! If you just want to be done with the responsibility of ownership, and it makes sense financially, buyers are looking for homes to remodel. The important thing to remember is that you should still list your house, to let buyers compete to purchase it. Selling privately to a builder may seem easier, but it is also very costly to you. Builders and others who buy homes off-market are looking for good deals for themselves, but the ElderMove Alliance team of professionals can make a traditional listing and downsizing experience really easy for you, AND get you the most for your property at the same time.

Do you have questions? Give me a call, and I’ll be happy to answer them. It will be free, with no obligation at
all for you! And again, have a happy Spring and Summer in 2021!