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What About Aunt Edna’s Teacup?

June 26, 2024

Let’s be honest: we all have more stuff than we want or likely need. It’s amazing how it accumulates, isn’t it? Where does it all come from? Is it spontaneously multiplying when we turn away for a moment? Ugh. In reality, our stuff comes from all over. We buy it, we receive gifts, we treasure mementos, and we inherit it. It is our stuff that makes a home but it is often the stuff that keeps us from living our best lives.

I want to talk about Aunt Edna’s teacup. (Insert a belonging of your own here.) You inherited this beautiful teacup from Aunt Edna. She wanted you to have it because it’s the teacup you used when you visited as a child. It looks great as part of your own teacup collection, and it’s featured beautifully in the china hutch. You dutifully dust Aunt Edna’s teacup once a quarter. But when was the last time you actually used Aunt Edna’s teacup? Perhaps even considering giving it away makes you break out in hives. Or you think, “Well, the kids don’t want it.” And then you think, what am I going to do with Aunt Edna’s teacup?! Sound familiar? Don’t feel guilty, though. We all have a houseful of teacups from Aunt Edna.

Mindy and I received a call the other day from a wonderful woman named “Sue.” She needed help brainstorming options for a sticky situation; Sue’s friend is in assisted living but still has a storage unit. Evidently the storage unit is packed to the rafters. What are some options here? Could we add it to a neighborhood garage sale? Or perhaps hire a company to empty it and sell what’s possible? Both those ideas require hours and hours of labor. If there’s a diamond necklace or a Willie Mays rookie baseball card hidden, the time and cost of emptying the unit would be worth it. But it’s unlikely either treasure is in the storage unit. Here’s the thing, though – Sue’s friend pays $627 a month for the storage unit and has rented the unit for 13 years. Yikes! The rental price has no doubt gone up, but even if we average it out to $500/month, Sue’s friend has paid upwards of $78,000! It’s unlikely that the cost of buying everything new in that storage unit would be more 
than $78,000.

Regardless, if we’re talking about Aunt Edna’s teacup or a storage unit of mysterious items or even a financial puzzle that needs expert help, please remember that ElderMove Alliance is here to help. We have a huge team ready to jump in and help you brainstorm solutions. Call Mindy or me; if we don’t know the answer, we’ll connect you with the experts who have the experience and knowledge to get you to your best life.

Until next time, take good care and sending you best wishes for a wonderful summer.