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Working Together Works!

October 19, 2023

I think we can 
all agree that life happens unexpectedly and sometimes it really throws a major curveball. Preparing for major changes not only involves finding information but also passing that information along to people who can help you when you need it! Right now, we’re working with the family of a woman who died suddenly, but who had shared the information she received at our Moving to a Simpler Life seminar with her sister in California. Her sister then knew who to call to get the possessions emptied out, the repairs done and the house ready to sell.

Another client needed help while moving from one home to another. Our team is helping her sort out what she wants to keep from the home she can no longer access because of stairs as well as well as with packing and unpacking in her new senior apartment. We are also encouraging her to find someone to be her power of attorney when she can no longer make decisions for herself. We all need support now and then, and that’s even more true as we get older.

Who is your support team? Are they ready to help you with decisions about your future? I was the meat in the middle of our family sandwich for years, with a kid in school and aging parents all in the same house, and I could have used information on helping my parents at that time. Maybe your family is part of the sandwich experience, too! New to ElderMove Alliance is a special seminar for you and your support team! Often adult children want to help, but don’t know what services are available or where to turn for advice. Do you want your adult children to become your caretakers? Do they know how to take care of themselves while taking care of you? If you and your adult children know what the possibilities are, you can work together to maintain your independence and lifestyle while not worrying the people who love you the most.

Our Help the Sandwich Generation Help You! seminar will cover the topics that you and your families need. We will discuss ways to help you stay in your current home longer, ways to make downsizing easier (doable!), and things you need to know wherever you are living. But we know that family calendars can fill up quickly, so we are hoping that we’ve chosen times that will fit your families. Please share this invite with your loved ones and have them attend with you, so that you can face the future as a team!

Mark your calendars! We will meet on Zoom on October 28 and November 4th, from 10:00 am to noon. Since this is online, you can attend in your fuzzy slippers and nobody will notice! Please call 425-649-5178 or email Mindy@ElderMove.com to sign up for the seminar. See you all there!